robert a. taylor博士讲座通知-尊龙凯时ag旗舰厅

robert a. taylor博士讲座通知-尊龙凯时ag旗舰厅

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澳大利亚新南威尔士大学robert a. taylor博士访问我校,并做关于聚光太阳能光伏光热综合利用的学术报告,欢迎各位老师和同学踊跃参加!

讲座题目:micro urban solar integrated concentrators




approximately one half of global energy consumption is associated with meeting the thermal (heating) requirements of buildings and industry. in particular there is strong demand for the supply of thermal energy in the 100 to 400 degree celsius range, which is currently met by gas and electricity. if this demand was met by concentrated solar power it would eliminate billions of kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

this project takes a completely new approach to collecting solar energy. it is developing innovative, thin and lightweight concentrating solar collector platforms (which ‘collect and concentrate’ the energy from sunlight) that deliver up to 400 degrees celsius thermal energy and electricity from building roofs. at unsw we are developing and testing a new type of solar collector which will meet this demand and have a similar form factor to standard photovoltaic (pv) panels, which can be integrated into buildings or mounted on standard pv racks, thus minimising installation costs.



dr. taylor's main research interest is in the development of ‘next generation’ solar thermal collectors. drawing on the fields of heat transfer and nanotechnology, he is researching new/novel working fluids and materials for solar systems, with the main goal is to provide a more efficient or more economic energy solutions.




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